About Me


Hi Beauties,

I am Deevya based in Mumbai. I always love sharing my knowledge with people and hence I thought nothing else could be better than a blog, so here I am with beautyblogstudio.com to cater to your needs associated with product reviews, beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

About me! I believe in learning at every stage in life and same goes with my knowledge of beauty and fashion. I am a postgraduate master of Finance. Due to some personal reasons and my love for fashion I decided to leave my full time research job and ended up setting up this blog.

I hope my content would inspire you in some way and also look forward to find some lovely friends in you. So to connect with me you can email me at beautyblogstudio@gmail.com.

Also, you can connect with me on Instagram.

I appreciate you for taking time to check out my blog.

Thank You!