Benefits and uses of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel

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In my previous post I told you guys about my burns. Fortunately with the grace of God and your good wishes I am absolutely fine now and back to normal. Its during this time that I saw the amazing results of aloe vera gel. For almost a week and a half I continued to apply aloe vera gel on the burns every hour and trust me it has healed my skin in the most amazing way. I have been using Patanjali aloe vera gel for almost anything and everything for a year now and did the same after the incident. I wasn’t sure about the results but since it made me feel cool and calm in that portion I continued applying it and could see visible difference. Its since then that I started researching a lot more about aloe vera gel and thought that I should share it with you guys.

Aloe vera has cooling properties ofcourse as discussed earlier. It also contains antiseptic properties that kill funguses, bacteria, viruses and mold. Scientists are looking out for potential properties in aloe vera that could cure aids and help fight cancer.Β Now that we know a little about the aloe vera lets understand its usage.

The ways in which we can use it and also its benefits.

Aloe vera can be used as a moisturizer. It keeps your skin hydrated without making it greasy. It can be used in face masks, face and body scrub, etc.

It also reduces acne and lightens the blemishes when used with few drops of lemon juice.

When mixed with few drops of olive oil it can work amazing as a lip balm.

Simply applying aloe vera gel under the eyes can help in treating puffiness of the eyes.

Mixing 2-3 vitamin E capsules along with this gel can help aiding pigmentation, stretch marks, premature aging and reducing age spots etc.

It also heals any insect bites, wounds, cuts, burns or blisters on the skin.

It can be used as a natural sunscreen.

Aloe vera gel can be used in treating dandruff and psoriasis.

I have already shared few face packs using aloe vera gel in my previous posts. You can also check those.

Now that you know the uses and benefits of aloe vera gel use it in your beauty regime and have an amazingly flawless skin.

Hope you guys found this post helpful. If you know any such remedies/uses/benefits of aloe vera gel please let me know.

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    1. Hey Sangeeta, Hope you are doing well. Aloe vera is often used after a sunburn to soothe the skin. But it works beforehand too by blocking out about 20% of sunlight like coconut oil. But you could always use your normal sunscreen to be safe. πŸ™‚

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