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Hi my Lovelies, Hope you are doing well. Recently Colourpop has gained its importance all over the makeup world. And ofcourse I obviously wanted to get my hands on it being a makeup junkie that I am. They have some amazing makeup products from liquid lipsticks to eyeshadows, blushes to highlighters and much more. The only issue with purchasing from the Colourpop website is that earlier they did not ship to India. Now they do it, but it is quiet expensive. On the other hand you have the option of insta stores but then they charge almost double the charge for each product which I think does not make sense.

I realised that I had a conversation with this sweet lady from SHIPoutfromUSA a while ago about getting stuff from the U.S. While I was looking for options on how to get Colourpop in India. Back then I wasn’t sure of getting anything internationally and hence I did not think much about it. But as soon as I realised I could opt for this option I immediately sent them a DM about the same conversation we had a while ago. She agreed to offer me free shipping upto 4lbs either from U.S or U.K.

About (SOFU)

SHIPoutfromUSA is an initiative of Mail Box Mart, USA that is the backbone of mailbox services, warehousing, express courier and logistics business.

Virtual Mailbox

SHIPoutfromUSA mailbox

Anything can shipped from a U.S Shopping website using a Mailbox (a virtual address) in the U.S provided by them, which can be used as the U.S delivery address even if they do not ship internationally.

Concierge services

SHIPoutfromUSA conceirge services

Anything from the U.S that is available only in an offline store can be purchased using Concierge services offered by them. Thus, practically you can buy anything and everything available in the U.S/UK be it online or offline. Their personal shoppers will assist you with your purchase from finding deals, discounts to finding specific products, etc. They will source the product and ship it securely to the registered address.


SHIPoutfromUSA helpdesk

HELPDESK INDIA +91 998 740 1486  (Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm IST)

Email ID :

If you have any queries you can contact them and they will certainly help you each time.

Order Process

I registered on website for a virtual address. It is absolutely free of cost. They did not charge a single penny. I received an email with the registration information and the virtual US and UK address. Using the virtual SOFU address I shopped from the Colourpop website. I loved the fact that they responded to every query I had throughout the process. I was offered free shipping. But you only need to pay for the shipping which is very reasonable considering the fact that they provide express shipping. The products will generally reach you within 12-15 days. Also, you can track your products at every stage.

In fact when they received the parcel in their U.S Mailbox they informed me about the same. They also told me about the tracking number that I received the next day. I had placed my order with Colourpop on 30th July and received my parcel on 10th August (12 days). Also, for clearance of shipment and KYC norms I was asked to send them a copy of few documents. No customs were charged.

Overall it was an amazing experience with SHIPoutfromUSA and I will definitely recommend you to use their services.

Soon I will share my Colorpop Haul with you guys. So stay tuned. For more updates please subscribe to the blog and follow me on my social media. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Getting International Stuff right at your doorstep –”

  1. Woooow! Looks like an amazing service. Going to note down their name somewhere, might be helpful if I ever want to shop from outside of India. Thanks for sharing! Waiting for your haul post. 🙂

  2. Deevya I too have been planning to buy stuff from Color Pop and SOFU is a great site.Great that you got free shipping and no customs at all.I will definitely use it to order my stuff too.The number that you have given is also a great help,I will talk to them tomorrow and place my order.Thanka a ton dear.

  3. I have had a huge wish list ready of things I want to buy from USA but couldn’t because they don’t ship to India, this seems like a God-sent now! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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