Latest fashion trends for 2016

What can I say except – it’s all orgasmically exciting!

Year 2016 is going to be spectacular in terms of trends and new fashion experiments; just as we are used to having it – there are plenty of old trends upgraded and recycled for the purpose of novelty and excitement. In my experience, the more you risk with your outfits, the better chance is you’ll eventually find your own style and the upcoming trends of 2016 are definitely a perfect change to give yourself the right to go wild!

I’ve put together a list of my favorite trends to come about, and I hope you’ll find inspiration in them.

Loving The Striped Up Life

Loving The Striped Up Life (1)
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Obviously, stripes are that one thing that’ll never get boring or out of style; we’ve seen this trend live and survive all kinds of other powerful fashion statements, and yet – it’s still the base of plenty new and fresh takes on fashion. In 2016 we’ll have stripes dominate too, however with a twist – matching skinny scarves that perfectly pair up with the blouse are definitely going to be the eye-catching piece of clothing you’ll love to wear! Stripes will also be present in pieces like tight-fitting sweaters, stripes across.

She’s the Urban Kitty Cat

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Not many women can pull of the urban vibe, but those who can – will fall in love with this trend. The trend is a non-specific mix up of urban cuts and styles and a laid back feel for a woman who is too busy to get affected by the change; she is above trends and doesn’t respond to any inane meeting requests.

Her base is urban, but the casual twist in her style gives away what she’s really about – taking off her designer shoes on Friday and hurrying upstate to enjoy the calm of her tomato field and kick back with that Garth Risk Hallberg novel.

All the pieces of this urban gal are no-fuss staples, so you’ll find palazzos (pants as roomy as pajamas) paired up with a tailored jacket, and/or a suede wrap skirt for versatility. Pair up your skirt with a slightly slouchy blouse or, if you are looking to channel day-to-evening-to-sleeping ensemble, rock your sassiest lace bedclothes à la Givenchy or Balenciaga.

The Queen of Bohemian choices

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Oh, we’ve been spot on bohemian for far too long and what better time than now to inject a little edgy twist into the regular bohemian vibe! This upgraded trend is for the woman who makes wearing maxi skirts and complicated patterns look so effortless. For a woman who feels channeling her inner Sienna Miller or Mary-Kate Olsen is the right fashion direction for her, the new Bohemian style is everything to look up to!

The party line from new bohemian designers is the appreciation for world cultures and individuality embraced, as is for taking risks. So, why not layer delicate lace and outré graphics with lots of chunky statement jewelry?

Even the latest swimwear trends are taking a new turn – forget about simple cuts and patterns – from ’60 inspired to mind-blowing cutouts and skinny bikinis – in 2016, the woman is entirely in charge of her body image and what message she’ll send by it!

Depending on her affinity for saucer-size shades, she’s a woman who is jet-setting from this music festival to that art biennial. Don’t bother trying to keep up with her – simply follow her on Instagram.

Her Cyberpunk Choices

Her Cyberpunk Choices
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Batteries not required ‘cos she’s getting her power boost from futuristic foil trousers, metallics or anime-influenced graphics! This girl is all about conveying constant movement, which is why she appreciates fluidity more than anything.

Not much about this trend is geeky but rather a softer-edged version of wearable tech that still reads as luxurious. Her style mimics her lifestyle – she’s always engaged, intrigued, enlightened and primed to kick some ass. You know like – less Lisbeth Salander and more Ava from Ex Machina.

Disclaimer: Guest post by Peter Minkoff 

Peter is a fashion stylist and a writer for HighStyleLife magazine located in Brisbane, Australia. He worked as a trend forecaster and a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane.

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