Nuskaa Anti Tanning Pack Review

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackWe Indians get tanned very easily, do I even need to mention it? And we all are in search of products that can help us in getting rid of the tan. Nuskaa Anti Tanning Pack is one such product that has worked wonders for my tanned skin. 🙂

Firstly let me tell you about Nuskaa Skin and Hair Solutions – ‘Perfect Solution to Every Skin Type’ offer some amazing products made up of 100% natural ingredients to suit every skin type. They offer range of products such as no marks which helps you fight acne, pimples, dark spots and ugly marks on your skin, anti-tanning pack, aloevera gel, aloevera hair gel, glow pack, blackhead remover, bridal ubtan and oats body scrub. They offer you an option where they specially customize the product as per your requirements or if you are allergic to any particular ingredient. Isn’t that wonderful?

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackNuskaa claims that their Anti-tanning pack works best for those who are tired of their tanned or sun burnt skin. From the very first day you will see visible difference. Regular application of this pack will bring back the skin’s natural colour. Not only it lightens the skin tone, but it also clears the skin and makes it smooth, soft and also reduces signs of aging. Nuskaa’s products are 100% chemical free, which makes it more effective.

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackA Pack of 75 gm is enough for an entire month, if applied for 3 to 4 days (alternatively) per week. It is reasonably priced at INR 250/-.

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackNuskaa Anti Tanning Pack comes in an attractive white plastic tub with golden screw open cap which looks beautiful.

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackThis pack comes in the form of powder that is finely milled made of chickpea and lemon powder. It has a very strong citrusy fragrance but when applied it does not bother my nose.

Nuskaa Anti Tanning PackDirections to Use

Wash your skin with a face wash and pat dry the area.

Add milk to the desired quantity of pack to create a paste.

Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the skin.

Allow it to dry naturally. This may take 10-15 minutes.

Rise off the pack post 15 minutes even if its not completely dried.

Pat dry the skin and apply Rose Water or Toner and leave it as it is.

Please DO NOT use soap, on that area, until 2-3 hours since it takes time for skin to absorb the properties of the pack.

I made a paste by mixing Nuskaa Anti Tanning pack and milk and applied it on my face for about 15 minutes and rinsed it off after 15 minutes. I then finished off by applying pure rose water.

Before and After using Nuskaa Anti Tanning Pack

before-and-after-tanning-1024x1024Look at the amazing difference this pack has created in just one use. The natural ingredients in the pack have worked wonders on my skin. It left my face feeling super soft, clean, fresh and ofcourse it worked on my tanned skin. The effect lasted for about 2 days. But I can certainly say that with consistent use it will create a difference and I will be able to get rid of my tan. This product can easily last me more than a month. I highly recommend you to try it. I am sure it will work for you as well, just as it did for me. 🙂 Now, I have something that will work on my tanned skin. Yay!! 🙂

You can place an order with them or if you have any queries you can DM them on their Instagram page – Click Here

For payments you have options of Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and Online Payment. Just note that their website is under construction.

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  1. Love the effect it had on you! You look gorgeous:) India has the best stuff!! I think I might try Rose Water as a toner, I’ve heard so much about it but never actually tried it! Great post my sweetheart Xoxoxo

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