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After college I was inclined towards fashion and lifestyle. Over the years my love for it grew strong. Finally about a year back it all started with my passion for sharing knowledge about makeup, fashion and lifestyle through Beauty Blog Studio (BBS). BBS has changed my life in real sense. In fact It has given me what I had never even thought of… Some amazing friends who stood by me throughout this year though it seemed to be a long time. I went through numerous ups and downs in my personal life and even otherwise but my BBS friends who is my family stood by me through it all. Thanks a lot guys. Thanks a lot for everything. I cannot thank you enough. (feeling emotional)

Soumya from was very kind to nominate me for One Lovely Blog Award. In her blog she talks about motherhood, beauty and lifestyle. I love going through her amazing posts. She speaks about her experiences and that surely helps a lot. Please do check her blog.

Rules to abide in order to accept this blog award

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.
  • List the rules
  • Share 7-15 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 9-15 bloggers and let them know
  • Display the award logo in your post.


I think I haven’t really shared much about myself on social media. I believe this can be a great opportunity to share some facts about me.

Here, you go…. 🙂

Seven random facts about me

  • I had been a tom boy in my school and college life. After college I started developing my love for fashion and now here I am sharing my bit of love for fashion with you my lovelies. 😀 🙂
  • My family has always been my priority and my weakness too.
  • I start acting weird when I don’t find bae around me for a long time. lol… 😀
  • I love loud club music. It changes my mood within seconds.
  • I always portray my feelings and thoughts through my drawings. Whenever I am upset for any reason I vent my feelings through my drawings.
  • I enjoy cooking and serving people from an early age.
  • My favourite bird has always been penguin and my all time favourite movie is ‘Happy Feet’ and I love dancing like Mumble… 😀 My friends at uni say I walk/dance like a penguin when I am super happy even though they have no idea about my love for penguins… don’t judge me… lol… 😀

I would like to nominate my blogger buddies

Pooja from Makeup and Body

Rachnnah from The Pinkk Furr

Megha from Makeup and Beauty Treasure

Alka from The Pink Road

Shampita from The Rainbow Lady

Christina from The Makeup Train

Kristine from My Beauty Buyble

Chinella from Lalachicuk

Shagun from Woman in Dubai

Rakhi from Indian Beauty Hub

Paola from Express Yourself

Melissa from Kiss and Makeups Beauty

Carol from Carol in a Page

Harman from Harmans Beauty

Thanks a lot for the continued support you guys have been providing me.

Lots of Love to my BBS Fam…!! :*


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