St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer Review

My most favourite time of the year is autumn/winter as it a season of festivals and fun. Alongwith all the fun it also takes a toll over our skin if not taken care of well. Hence, it is always important to moisturise your skin all throughout the year especially in autumn/winters. And Tadaa!! St. D’vence is here with its biggest newly launched St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer. St D’vence was kind enough to send across this sample before their launch date for review.

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer


It has been curated after an inhouse research of 3 years. It is an amazing blend of 10 global premium handpicked ingredients that royally hydrate the driest skin. The moisturizer consists of argan oil which is a miracle liquid gold that is used to intensely hydrate, soften and add a natural glow/boost to the skin, avocado that is a butter fruit, native to South America is packed with 25 vital nutrients inclusive of Vitamin A, B, C, E & K, proteins, fibre and minerals. Also, this moisturizer is parabens free, mineral oil free, phthalates free, PEG & PG free, hypoallergenic and does not include any harmful chemicals and is cruelty free (i.e not tested on animals). It is 100% vegetarian, made up of highly premium botanical and essential oils.

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer


This sample moisturizer is available in a see through transparent plastic bottle packaging with a black flip open cap and a tight transparent plastic lid between the bottle and the black cap that secures the body lotion from spilling. It comes in a leakage proof packaging which makes it travel friendly and I love that about it. The actual bottle comes with a nozzle packaging.

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer


INR 499 for 300ml and currently available at a sale price of INR 399 on Link provided below.

My Experience with St. D’vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer

Coming to the actual product, the first thing that anyone would notice about it is its fragrance and I am absolutely in love with it, some may find it too bothering but it stays on for a while and fades away. The actual moisturizer is white in colour and its texture is super soft, light weight and smooth. It blends into the skin very flawlessly. The consistency is also perfect and helps in deep penetration while retaining skin’s hydration for a good few hours. It does not feel sticky, greasy or tacky in anyway.

St. D'vence Autumn Edition Moisturizer

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is a great moisturizer for dry to combination skin. Also, it is parabens free and cruelty free. It is available at a reasonable price. The packaging makes it travel friendly and I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your personal review on this moisturizer. I like to try this St. D’vence it is quite interesting tho.

  2. The moisturiser seems to be working after going through your review, and as it is paraben free as well that acts like a plus point, thanks for sharing!

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